This is more than a blog. It’s a collection of resources, tools, tips, thoughts, notes, jottings, videos, images and other useful stuff to help your business communicate better.

Here you’ll find anything that I think is engaging, a great example of communication or just downright useful. With an occasional smattering of complete nonsense just because it made me laugh and I hope will brighten your day too.

Press release structure template

Read The Authority Guide to PR for Small Businesses and want the press release template? You’re in the right place.

PR Strategy Template Download

Looking for the PR Strategy template mentioned in The Authority Guide to PR for Small Businesses? You found it.

Fishbone Template Download

Tool up: Improve your web cam with iGlasses

We all know that video is a great way to engage and many of us now do significant amounts of work via webcam, be it on Skype, Facetime or webinar software. Now you can take control of your webcam.

Tool up: Using a blog for engagement? Plan your content

Are you struggling to come up with a steady stream of ideas for blog posts and other content?