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Why Coaches should develop their public speaking skills

If you’re a coach or mentor, whatever your business sector, you should be showing your expertise from the public speaking stage to win new clients as well as potentially build revenue.  

Be your own Speaker Coach

Learn how to be your own Speaker Coach, critiquing your own speeches and presentations, to become a better speaker.

Don’t use PowerPoint in your presentation, use Jelly Babies!

What are the alternatives to the dreaded slides when you’re presenting? Get creative and make your presentation stand out!

Press release structure template

Read The Authority Guide to PR for Small Businesses and want the press release template? You’re in the right place.

PR Strategy Template Download

Looking for the PR Strategy template mentioned in The Authority Guide to PR for Small Businesses? You found it.

Fishbone Template Download

Open course: 1 day masterclass in Presenting and Pitching Skills

1 day Masterclass in Brighton: Stand and Deliver: Present and Pitch with Confidence!

How do you introduce your business and tell the world what you do?

Does this picture sum up your response to being asked to present or speak in public?

Random Thought: Default to ‘Yes’

I’ve been making a concerted effort to make ‘yes’ my default answer over the last few weeks, and it’s paying dividends.

Engagement Hit: Don’t use Powerpoint, use dancers.

Tool up: Improve your web cam with iGlasses

We all know that video is a great way to engage and many of us now do significant amounts of work via webcam, be it on Skype, Facetime or webinar software. Now you can take control of your webcam.

Planning your presentation

Preparing for a presentation starts well before you open the dreaded PowerPoint or even before you start jotting down notes.

Tool up: Using a blog for engagement? Plan your content

Are you struggling to come up with a steady stream of ideas for blog posts and other content?

Engagement Hit: Turn Twitter into a flickbook

Could you be a media expert?

How do you answer the question ‘What do you do’?

Such an innocuous question. What do you do? It’s a question we’re asked (and we ask) regularly when we meet new people, especially in a business context.

Sarah Grant, Alumni Communications Manager at University of Brighton

“To date, Steve has delivered the best social media training I have attended. He took time to understand the diverse needs of our team and investigated our existing social media activity so his workshop was bespoke to our department objectives. His delivery is accessible, friendly and professional. Steve clearly knows his subject and he has the talent of making everyone feel confident in exploring the platforms. Well worth the money!”

Jo McKinney, STEM Sussex

“I’ve been avoiding Twitter for years, but Steve explained everything clearly and now I can’t wait to get tweeting.”

Lyndsay Simpson, Director, The Curve Group

“As a company we were complete novices on Twitter – we knew what it could do for the business but were deeply nervous about dipping our toes in the water and getting our brand out there.”

Mandy Pile, Dover and Shepway District Council

“This was an absolute fantastic social media training session and gave a very positive view on social media and what can be achieved (as well as highlighting the negatives). Steve Bustin delivered the training extremely well

Brian Rumbelow, Dover District Council

“WOW! Gone from complete virgin tweeter to confident tweeter in 6 hours! I can now see that we are only bumping along the surface of what could be achieved. Absolutely the best course I have ever been on.”

Russell Toms, Head of marketing, Spire Dunedin Hospital, Reading

Your social media course was amazing today. Thoroughly enjoyable and very informative – you’d obviously put a lot of time into the preparation. I had a few misgivings and just wanted to make sure what we were going into was worthwhile and manageable. You answered and assured me about any concerns I had and I am sure my colleagues felt the same. We can now move forward with confidence, with much greater knowledge about how social media can help us at Dunedin.

Prof. Dr. Niels Brabandt CEO NB Network AG

I spent a day with Steve Bustin at the Garden House in Brighton for his Social Media Class. His class was full of in-depth expertise. Our business offers international training, consulting, speaking and more, so our expectations have been high and he exceeded them by far. Anyone who is strives for excellence in Social Media or needs expert advice on what to do and what not to do should book this class immediately.

David Liversage, Blue Phoenix

Extremely informative workshop! Takes the fear out of social media and helps you formulate a clear strategy.

Daryl Parsons, Economic and Social Engagement at University of Brighton

“A fast-moving day with lots of engagement. Thoroughly recommend it – even if you think you know it all, there will be something new to learn.”

Justine Charles, Information Coordinator, School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences, University of Sussex

“Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your social media course last Friday. I had no idea how much there is to know about social media and came out so inspired! In fact, I’m sure my partner was fed up with my constant banter all weekend about all the ideas I now have! I just need the time to implement them all. Many thanks!”

Ian Hopping, Cost Management Consultant, Auditel

“I recently engaged Steve to help improve my presentation skills. The sessions were excellent and he taught me some great techniques. Steve’s professional and insightful advice filled me with confidence and I would heartily recommend him.”

Sandeep Bermi, Executive Operations Manager at Care2Give Limited

“We have used Steve to conduct bespoke communication and presentation training sessions at our organisation. We found the content and delivery of the training to be of the highest quality, relatable to the diverse group of candidates and highly enjoyable.”

Marie Aurore-Frey, Chartered Institute of Management Accountants

“I attended your presentation about presentation skills for CIMA last week. I can honestly say it was the best event I’ve attended!”

David Lockie, Pragmatic

“Vada Media’s presentation skills course was an enjoyable and very interesting session that left me with practical tools to structure and plan a presentation as well as some great tips on how to make them stand out.”

Maria Allen, Maria Allen Jewellery

“Thanks so much for the help, the presentation went really well and I have already been invited to several more talks at various places this year because of it! It was really good to talk to you and for you to give me an objective viewpoint on the parts of my presentation that are the most interesting and punchy. I’m feeling much more confident for the talk to 70 students this Friday as well, so thank you!”

Andrew Hick, Cavendish Hawk Search & Selection

“I engaged Steve for some one-to-one presentation skills training as I’ve never been comfortable with public speaking but wanted to introduce a major event I was organising. The session was incredibly helpful and Steve was very encouraging, showing me that I could speak with confidence, even without a script.”

Margaret da Costa, Spire Dunedin Hospital

“Steve Bustin’s full day presentation skills training course gave confidence to members of my senior management team who haven’t presented much and gave new skills and insight to even the most experienced presenters. The whole team also enjoyed the day as Steve kept it lively, engaging and relevant, showing his understanding of the healthcare sector and the environment in which we work. Highly recommended and we hope to use his services again.”

Alice Hart-Davis, Journalist, author and creator of Good Things skincare

“When I saw Steve making light work of a job that I had struggled with — compere-ing the ‘live demonstration theatre’ at a cosmetic surgery conference with ease and assurance — I realised two things. a) that I needed to learn how to stand on stage and look calm, authoritative and at ease with an audience and b) here was the guy to teach me. I’ve known Steve for years as we have both worked in the area of cosmetic aesthetics and I also knew that he taught well — I’d been to one of his seminars for journalists, and found it useful.”  


“A brilliant compère and presenter”

Mike Ogilvie, National President of The Professional Speaking Association 2015

“Steve Bustin was recently the Master of Ceremonies at our MEGA Conference for The Professional Speaking Association held at Wokefield Park in Reading. The 200+ audience of professional speakers were kept entertained and informed by Steve as he helped to keep the programme moving to time “He did a thoroughly professional job as compere and I wholeheartedly recommend Steve to anyone needing a professional MC for their conference.”

Clare Griffiths, Business Development Manager (Entrepreneurship), University of Brighton

“We recently had the great pleasure of having Steve Bustin as our Master of Ceremonies (MC) for the University of Brighton’s Enterprise Awards.  Steve was a delight to work with, and set the tone perfectly for one of the biggest high profile events for my department.”

Julia Chanteray, President, Brighton and Hove Chamber of Commerce

Steve recently compèred the largest and most complex event we’ve ever delivered, he did all that and more. Quite frankly I’m fed up with the delegates emailing me to tell me how good they thought he was.

Graham Jones, Helping you understand your customer behavior

Steve was truly excellent. Not only did he keep the audience engaged throughout the event, he also managed everything exceedingly well.

Tracey Allen,  SEA PR

Working with Steve Bustin takes all the stress out of your event preparation. Bringing years of experience to the table you can rest assured that he will add a capital P to professionalism and your audiences will love him.

Jonathan Upton, Prestige Consulting and Communications

“There are a lot of people who claim that they can undertake media training! Too often they trot out the same tired old nostrums that they have been recycling without adjustment for years. With Steve you get an imaginative, tailor-made product that clients love because they can see that it’s been designed for them.”

Wanda Goldwag, Non-Executive Chair, Senet Group

“Fabulous media training from a real expert. This training gave me confidence, knowledge of techniques & lots of really professional advice.”

Mary O’Brien, Consultant Plastic and Hand Surgeon

“A fascinating insight into the world of media by someone who really knows. Many thanks to Steve Bustin who provided a fantastic seminar on “how to do it” but emphasised more importantly how not to do it!”

Jackie Lewis, Oncoplastic breast surgeon,

“Having taken (and enjoyed) Steve’s media training course, I now feel much more confident about undertaking media interviews – what to say, how to say it and how to stay calm under pressure. No surgeon should agree to taking part in a media interview until they’ve talked to Steve!”

Jane Rayner, Director, Sauce Consultancy

“We have worked with Steve providing media training days for a number of our clients and these have always been comprehensive, informative and fun. Our clients are more confident in dealing with journalists, being interviewed for TV, radio or newspapers and ensuring their messages are conveyed appropriately.”

Laura Dickinson, Girls Not Brides

If ever you need to run media training for colleagues at your UK organisation, Steve Bustin is your man. Thanks for a great session!

Faye Mingo, Global Brand Director, GC Aesthetics

“We used Steve at Medical Media Training to provide media training for our International Directors. They all came out of the sessions with far more confidence in their ability to appear on camera, far more of a sense of what to say and how to say it and also full of praise for Steve’s professional yet engaging and entertaining style of training.”

Tingy Simoes – Managing Director, Wavelength Marketing Communications

“We were thoroughly impressed with the professionalism and effectiveness of Steve Bustin’s media training sessions. We have booked a number of them for our many healthcare clients”

Steve Rowling, Web Designer & Developer

“The session was both entertaining and inspiring. Steve is a great communicator who knows how to get a message across to an audience very effectively.”

Joy Blizzard, Chair, Local Authority Recycling Advisory Committee

“There are lots of people promoting themselves as social media experts these days but Steve Bustin is the ‘real deal’.”

Becky Borrow – Copper Consultancy

“Great content, energetic and engaging delivery and he’s also really easy to work with, responding to our brief to make sure delegates get useful and relevant information”

Dan Young – Customer Insight / Market Research consultant

“I saw Steve speak at the Brighton Summit last week. And I can honestly say it was the best conference presentation I’ve ever seen! He took the simple metaphor of a business as a garden and expanded it in ways I really didn’t see coming. An inspiring session that would be a welcome addition to any conference programme.”

Keith Pollard – CEO, Intuition Communications

“Great presentation from Steve at the IMTJ Medical Travel Summit 2015 in London, speaking on “Building reputation in medical travel: The power of the media”. Responsive, proactive, good communicator and great insight.”

Alex Brown – 
Business Development Manager, Clydesdale Bank

“Having seen Steve speak at other people’s functions, he was our first choice when we needed a speaker at our high-level event for clients and partners from the medical sector. He delivered a focused, polished and entertaining session packed with useful tips and tools that our guests could take away and use immediately in their businesses”

Roz Buchan – Profitnet, University of Brighton

Steve has been speaking regularly at Profitnet meetings and events for the last 4 years.  His vast experience in the media sector as a journalist, PR and presenter has resulted in some excellent sessions. He’s a lively, highly interactive speaker and his topics are both engaging and useful for delegates. It’s no surprise that Steve is one of Profitnet’s most popular and in-demand speakers.

Alice Hart-Davis, Journalist, author and creator of Good Things skincare

When I saw Steve making light work of a job that I had struggled with

Alex Brown – Business Development Manager, Clydesdale Bank

Having seen Steve speak at other people’s functions, he was our first choice

Roz Buchan – Profitnet, University of Brighton

Steve has been speaking regularly at Profitnet meetings and events for the last 4 years.

Lee Jackson – PSA Yorkshire President 2014, Motivational speaker and author

Steve Bustin was great to work with when I booked him to speak at my event…